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SAGE near-field low-frequency electromagnetic technology is a cost effective, accurate, and easy to use 3D tracking and navigation platform for placement of catheters, stylets, guidewires, needles, and other medical devices.

SAGE employs one or more microcoils incorporated into a medical device, which are electrically driven to create a low-frequency magnetic field. A sensor module containing an array of magnetic field sensors is located outside the patient, and plugged into a laptop or other computer system with a display. Measurements from the sensors are fed into a complex algorithm that calculates the position and orientation of the medical device, and the location information is displayed and updated in realtime.

The low-frequency signal from the SAGE coil is essentially immune to interference from nearby metals or other magnetic materials, allowing movement of the sensor module or patient without any recalibration of the system.


SAGE is easy to implement – a small SAGE coil is placed in or on the device to be tracked, and a sensor module is placed on the patient.  The sensor module plugs into a laptop or other computer driven display system via USB.    SAGE can be added to a variety of devices, including catheters, stylets, guide wires, probes, needles, and other devices.

SAGE Features & Benefits

  • 3D Location Tracking:  The 3D location of one or more SAGE coils can be tracked in real-time.
  • 2D Angle Tracking:  The SAGE coil(s) pitch and yaw orientation is tracked in real-time.
  • Accuracy:  The 3D location and rotation tracking accuracy is adequate for many medical procedures.
  • Interference Free:  No interference from external metal objects or magnetic sources.
  • Sensor:  A small sensor module is placed on or near the patient.
  • Interface:  USB Interface from sensor module to display.
  • Multiple Applications:  SAGE technology can be applied to catheters, stylets, guidewires, probes, needles, and other devices.
  • Potential Uses:  SAGE tracking could be useful in GI tube and device placements, nerve-block anesthesia, biopsy, endoscopy, cardiology device placement, orthopedics, and other procedures.

SAGE Product Development

  • Customize:  Lucent’s SAGE tracking technology can be adapted to your particular device.
  • Front to Back Engineering:  We help develop your product from idea, to prototypes, to testing and validation, and through contract manufacturing.

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